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PWR Tune ECU Reflash for Polaris RZR XP 1000 (all years)

Quick Overview

PWRTune ECU Reflash Polaris for RZR XP 1000


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PWR Tune ECU Reflash for Polaris RZR XP 1000 (all years) is available for purchase in increments of 1

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Polaris RZR XP1000 2014-2017

Dyno developed Dyno tested and Dyno Proven, our high performance ECU reflash's will have your RZR making power ahead of the pack. We have several performance stages beginning with a stage 1 tune adding 10hp on an all stock machine. All of these tunes are for premium fuel 91-92 octane. With improved fuel maps specific to each tune, all torque limiters and speed limiters removed, and performance timing maps.

You have a choice of cooling fan on/off temperature, rpm limit, and can elect to remove or keep the stock speed limiters. If you have recently had a recall done and have lost some power we will get that back and more! As with all of our tunes we off a free Warranty/Recall Flashback Protection in case you ever need to take your RZR in to the dealer for work (see below for more information).

•Fast 24 hour turn around time,

◦you send yours in we will send it right back the next day

◦free Priority Mail 2-3 day delivery

•Premium shipping options available Performance Stages

•Stage 1: 91-92 octane all stock machine ◦+8.1HP to the wheels ◦calculates to 119.8 motor horsepower

Stage 1.5: 91-92 Stock Exhaust & Performance Intake ◦+11.2HP to the wheels ◦calculates to 123.6 motor horsepower

•Stage 2: 91-92 octane Requires Performance Exhaust ◦+12.6HP to the wheels ◦calculates to 125.3 motor horsepower

•Stage 3: 91-92 octane Performance Exhaust & Intake ◦+14.1HP to the wheels ◦calculates to 127.2 motor horsepower

All Power Level Features

•Increased Horsepower and Torque

•Removed Torque Limiters

•Removed Speed Limiters (optional)

•Aggressive Spark Timing to maximize performance

•Optimized Fuel Maps for great power and throttle response •Increased RPM limiter ◦Suggested set to 9200rpm ◦Totally optional, your choice stock or higher

•Lower cooling fan on/off temperature (temp of your choice)

•No need for run a piggyback fuel controller •Ready for your performance clutch tuning

•Free Warranty/Recall Flashback Protection*

•Upgrade your tune anytime and just pay the cost difference

Free Warranty/Recall Flashback Protection

If you have a problem in the future, trans takes a crap, EPS blows up, and you gotta take it in for warranty work. Or more annoying another RZR recall?? Come on! No worries, we've got you covered with Free Warranty/Recall Flashback Protection. What does this mean? Basically if you have an issue and need your stock ECU back to stock we will flash it back to stock for you no charge. How? When you send in your ECU first we will read your stock flash and save the information under your name. If you need it "back to stock" in the future you can send your ECU back, we will put your stock flash right back on your original ECU. If the dealer needs to connect to your ECU it will be yours, and stock, and never looks like it had been touched! Matching serial numbers, matching everything. And, we will even send it back free of charge Priority Shipping within 24 hours of receiving it. After the work is done, send it back to us (again) and free of charge we will flash it back to a pwrTune full performance tune and send it back to you. This does only apply to your first instance (one Recall and/or one Warranty Issue), after one time the fee will be $20 each flash and you'd have to pay for shipping.

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SKU pwr-tune-reflash-xp1000
Manufacturer PWR Tune

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